YingLong—30% Poly Aluminium Chloride/Water Treatment PAC China High Quality Factory Price

Classification Water treatment agent
EINECS No 215-477-2
CAS No 1327-41-9
MF Al2Cl(OH)5
Purity 100.00%
PH 3.5-5.0
Basicity 40-90
Product appearance Yellow granules or powder
ClassificationWater treatment agent
EINECS No215-477-2
CAS No1327-41-9
Product appearanceYellow granules or powder


1.Polyaluminium chloride/PAC, is effective primary inorganic coagulant based on Al3+, excellent for drinking water production, wastewater treatment, as well as swimming pool treatment.

2.Through the hydroxyl ion bridging function and the polyvalent anion polymeric function, it produces large molecular and high electricity inorganic macromolecule, brings higher performance than traditional coagulants.

3.Wide applicable range of pH value, and good performance in low temperature.

Index nameindex
First Grade
Drinking water %Non drinking water %
alumina (AL2O3) mass fraction/%≥28-3027-29.0
density (20oC)/(g/cm3) ≥1.121.12
Mass fraction of water insolubles /% ≤1.01.5
PH(1% aqueous solution)3.5-5.03.5-5.0
arsenic (As) mass fraction /% ≤0.0050.005
lead (Pb) mass fraction /% ≤0.0010.003
cadmium (Cd) mass fraction /% ≤0.0020.002
mercury (Hg) mass fraction /% ≤0.000010.00001
Six valence chromium(Cr+6) mass fraction /% ≤0.0050.005

Usage for poly aluminium chloride pac

1.Water treatment: domestic water, industrial water;

2.Urban sewage treatment;

3.Treatment of industrial wastewater, sewage, sludge and some slag recovery in sewage;

4.For some industrial wastewaters that are difficult to handle, PAC is used as the parent, and other chemicals are blended into a compound PAC. The treatment of sewage can be surprisingly effective.

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