YingLong—CAS 96-26-4 Cosmetic Grade 1,3 Dihydroxyacetone Powder (DHA)

EINECS No 202-494-5
CAS No 96-26-4
Product name Dihydroxyacetone
Purity 98%min
Storage Store at +2°C to +8°C
Product appearance white powder
EINECS No202-494-5
CAS No96-26-4
Product nameDihydroxyacetone
StorageStore at +2°C to +8°C
Product appearancewhite powder
Melting point75-80℃
Boiling point107.25°C (rough estimate)
Density1.1385 (rough estimate)
Water solubility>250 g/L (20 ℃)
Refractive index1.4540 (estimate)
Acidity coefficient (pKa)12.45±0.10(Predicted)
Water solubility>250 g/L (20 ºC)
AdvantageHigh purity, provide quality inspection report
StabilityStable. Combustible. Hygroscopic.
Shelf Life12 Months

Product Description

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a naturally occurring ketose that is biodegradable, edible and non-toxic to human body and the environment. It is a versatile additive that can be used in the cosmetic,food industries.


1. Used in the cosmetic industry. Moisturizing, sun protection and UV radiation protection, tanning.

2. Used of functional foods. Potentially effective in burning fat to reduce body fat and delay weight gain (weight loss effect).

3. Used as Feed additive, improve the lean meat rate of pigs.

Packing & Delivery

dihydroxyacetone 25kg per bucket

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