YingLong—Chemical Auxiliary Agent Inorganic Chemical Industries In Vietnam Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC For Water Treatment

Classification Water treatment agent
EINECS No 215-477-2
CAS No 1327-41-9
MF Al2Cl(OH)5
Purity 99.00%
PH 3.5-5.0
Product appearance Yellow Powder
Content 24-30
ClassificationWater treatment agent
EINECS No215-477-2
CAS No1327-41-9
Product appearanceYellow Powder

Poly aluminium chloride (PAC)

Poly aluminium chloride (PAC), is a new kind of highly efficient inorganic polymer flocculant. It has a good effection in treatment of drinking water treatment, domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater,.etc. The solid product is spray fried with the apperaence of light yellow or yellow.

Index nameindex
First Grade
Drinking water %Non drinking water %
alumina (AL2O3) mass fraction/%≥28-3027-29.0
density (20oC)/(g/cm3) ≥1.121.12
Mass fraction of water insolubles /% ≤1.01.5
PH(1% aqueous solution)3.5-5.03.5-5.0
arsenic (As) mass fraction /% ≤0.0050.005
lead (Pb) mass fraction /% ≤0.0010.003
cadmium (Cd) mass fraction /% ≤0.0020.002
mercury (Hg) mass fraction /% ≤0.000010.00001
Six valence chromium(Cr+6) mass fraction /% ≤0.0050.005

Application area

1.After purification, the water quality is better than that of aluminium sulphate flocculating agent, water purification,low cost compared with 15-30%.

2. The flocculation body forming fast, fast settling velocity, larger than aluminum sulfate and other traditional products processing capacity.

3. The consumption of the water alkalinity below all kinds of inorganic flocculants, and therefore is not or less shots alkali agent.

4. To adapt to the source can be condensed water PH5.0-9.0 range.

5. Corrosion resistance, good operation condition.

6. Solubility is better than that of aluminum sulfate.

7. Less water saltier, benefits and high purity water ion exchange treatment.

8. The adaptability of the source water temperature is better than that of aluminum sulfate and other inorganic flocculant.


25kgs wovan bag with inner pe bag, or 20kg white PE bag

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