YingLong—Drinking Grade White Polyaluminum Chloride 31%PAC

Classification Water treatment agent
EINECS No 215-477-2
CAS No 1327-41-9
MF Al2Cl(OH)5
Purity 100%
Content 30%-31%
Product appearance White powder
ClassificationWater treatment agent
EINECS No215-477-2
CAS No1327-41-9
Product appearanceWhite powder

Product description

The content of polyaluminum chloride AL2O3: 24%, 26%, 28%, 29%, 30%, 31%. Adopting national standards and advanced manufacturing technology, the polyaluminum chloride products produced are widely used in the treatment of raw water and sewage in the fields of sewage treatment, papermaking, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, metallurgy, coal washing, sand washing, urban construction and environmental protection.

Drinking water poly aluminum chloride(PAC)
Solid AppearanceWhite powder
Solution colorColorless and transparent
Al2O3≥ 30%
Water Insoluble≤0.1 %
PH(1% Solution)3.5-5.0
25MT / 20 "FCL
Industrial water treatment poly aluminum chloride(PAC)
Solid AppearanceYellow powder
Solution colorLight yellow transparent liquid
Water Insoluble≤ 0.6 %
PH(1% Solution)3.5-5.0
25-26MT / 20 "FCL
Industrial water treatment poly aluminum chloride(PAC)
Solid AppearanceYellow brown powder / granule
Solution colorYellow brown liquid
Water Insoluble≤ 2 %
PH(1% Solution)3.5-5.0
26MT / 20 "FCL

Q:Where does PAC apply to sewage treatment?

A:Decolorization, precipitation, air floatation, dehydration, coagulation.

Q:What type of medicament does PAM belong to? How many kinds of flocculation process? What type of medicament is PAC?

A:1. Flocculant or organic flocculant, settling agent

2. Air floatation, sedimentation and mud pressure.

3. Coagulant or inorganic coagulant


1. Be pakced in polypropylene woven bag with plastic liner, 25kg/bag
2. Solid product: useful life is 2 years; should be stored in airy and dry place.

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