YingLong—Pure Kojic Acid Dipalmitate CAS 79725-98-7 Cosmetic Grade

Usage Cosmetic Raw Materials
EINECS No 207-922-4
CAS No 79725-98-7
MF C38H66O6
Purity 99% min
UsageCosmetic Raw Materials
EINECS No207-922-4
CAS No79725-98-7
Purity99% min
Product appearancekojic acid dipalmitate white powder
StorageCool Dry Place
Test MethodHPLC
AdvantageFactory price, spot


1) Whitening: is more effective than kojic acid in inhibiting tyrosinase activity in the skin, thereby
inhibiting the formation of melanin, and has a good effect on whitening skin and sun protection.

2) Freckle removal: kojic acid dipalmitate powder can improve skin pigmentation and can fight age spots, stretch marks, freckles and general pigmentation.

3).kojic acid dipalmitate powder is widely used in whiten cosmetic applied as a skin lightening agent due to its potential to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is necessary for the synthesis of melanin, which offers skin its coloring.

Product Description

Kojic acid dipalmitate is an improved kojic acid derivative that overcomes the kojic acid's instability of light, heat and metal ions while maintaining the inhibition of tyrosinase activity of kojic acid and the blocking of melanin formation in the skin The effect, and this inhibition is more intense than kojic acid, making it a new generation of highly effective whitening active agent. As a fat-soluble whitening active agent, kojic dipalmitate can be more effectively absorbed by the skin and at the same time brings good moisturization to the skin in addition to being easier to formulate.


1). Applied in Agriculture:Kojic acid dipalmitate is used in producing biological pesticides;
2). Applied in Medicine,Kojic acid dipalmitate has been used as the an important material of cephalosporin-type antibiotics;
3). Applied in Food additive,Kojic acid dipalmitate work as antiseptic,antioxidant, preservative and color stablizer in meat processing, also act as useful materials of food aromatizer - maltol and ethyl maltol.

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