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Classification Water treatment agent
EINECS No 215-477-2
CAS No 1327-41-9
MF Al2Cl(OH)5
Purity 24%-30%
Product appearance Yellow to white powder
ClassificationWater treatment agent
EINECS No215-477-2
CAS No1327-41-9
Product appearanceYellow to white powder

Properties of polyaluminium chloride

1.Wide range of application and wide adaptability to water.

2.It is easy to form large alum flowers quickly and has good precipitability.

3.The water quality after purification is better than inorganic coagulant suchas aluminum sulfate, and the cost of water purification is 15-30% lower than that.

Index nameindex
First Grade
Drinking water %Non drinking water %
alumina (AL2O3) mass fraction/%≥28-3027-29.0
density (20oC)/(g/cm3) ≥1.121.12
Mass fraction of water insolubles /% ≤1.01.5
PH(1% aqueous solution)3.5-5.03.5-5.0
arsenic (As) mass fraction /% ≤0.0050.005
lead (Pb) mass fraction /% ≤0.0010.003
cadmium (Cd) mass fraction /% ≤0.0020.002
mercury (Hg) mass fraction /% ≤0.000010.00001
Six valence chromium(Cr+6) mass fraction /% ≤0.0050.005

Q:Where does PAC apply to sewage treatment?

A:Decolorization, precipitation, air floatation, dehydration, coagulation.

Q:What type of medicament does PAM belong to? How many kinds of flocculation process? What type of medicament is PAC?

A:1. Flocculant or organic flocculant, settling agent

2. Air floatation, sedimentation and mud pressure.

3. Coagulant or inorganic coagulant


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