YingLong—ATBC Acetyl Tributyl Citrate CAS 77-90-7

Classification Rubber And Plastic raw materials
CAS No 77-90-7
EINECS No 201-067-0
MF C20H34O8
Purity 96%, 99.0%
Adsorbent Variety Molecular Sieve
Water ≤0.15%
Exterior Colourless transparency liquid



ClassificationRubber And Plastic raw materials
CAS No77-90-7
EINECS No201-067-0
Purity96%, 99.0%
Adsorbent VarietyMolecular Sieve
ExteriorColourless transparency liquid

Detailed description

The product is non-toxic and tasteless and safe plasticizer, and its heat resistance, cold resistance, light resistance and water resistance are excellent. It is suitable for food packaging, children's toys,  products and other fields. approved for meat food packaging materials and toy materials. Because of its excellent properties, it is widely used for packaging fresh meat and its products, dairy products packaging, PVC products, chewing gum and so on. The resin has good transparency and low temperature flexure after plasticizing, and has low volatility and extraction rate in different medium. It is stable and does not change color when it is dissolved.


Plastic Auxiliary Agents, Rubber Auxiliary Agents, Pla....

Packing & Delivery

1). 1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside.

2). 25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.

3). As your option.

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