YingLong—Chemical Ozone Catalyzed Decomposition Catalyst O3 Ozone Destruction Catalyst Filter

Chemical Catalyst
Other Names
Supported manganese-based composite metal oxide
Brand Name
Place of Origin
Other NamesSupported manganese-based composite metal oxide
Model NumberYL-CTL01
Packing density555-700kg/m3
Specific surface area≥500m2/g

Product features

1. Under the same working conditions, the decomposition rate of ozone with the same quality catalyst is higher and more stablethan that of the same kind of products .
2. Ozone removal process without the need to provide any additional chemicals .
3. High efficient catalytic decomposition of ozone at room temperature to produce oxygen to meet the requirements of safety and economy .
4. The material is simple and convenient to use, has long service life, and the purification efficiency of other catalysts is more than 1.2-2 times under the same quality.
5. Use Less, perform better, and be more economical with the same volume.
6. For the first time ozone elimination and efficient utilization of resources .
7. Composite multi-catalyst system, high ozone utilization rate, high mineralization rate .
8. The invention solves the problem of ozone secondary pollution caused by photolysis and plasma technology, improves the oxidation degree and purification efficiency, and upgrades the traditional technology.

Use scenario

1. Industrial VOCs, Odors, Lampblack and other pollutants purification process of ozone by-products of equipment and engineering; UV photolysis, plasma, high-voltage static electricity, ozone generator and other equipment
2. Plastic recycling, spraying, printing, electronic manufacturing, paint and other industries waste gas purification and garbage in the loading station and other odorous places
3. The efficient elimination and utilization of ozone in many fields such as the place where the VOCs Waste Gas with low concentration is produced
4. The ozonation catalyst is designed and developed for the purification of high concentration ozone pollution (especially O3≥500 ppm) , and is also safe and effective for the purification of low concentration ozone (O3 < 500 ppm) , fast catalytic decomposition of ozone to non-toxic oxygen.
5. ozone generator generated residual ozone (high, medium and low concentrations of 4ozone) in all occasions

6. Treatment of ozone tail gas from L Ozonation of wastewater
7. high efficient elimination and utilization of ozone in many fields, such as sterilization and disinfection of medical instruments, ozone pollution purification after odor elimination in public places

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