YingLong—Bhmtpmp Bis(HexaMethylene Triamine Penta (Methylene Phosphonic Acid))

  • CAS No.: 34690-00-1
  • Type.: Water Treatment
  • Appearance: Dark amber liquid


BHMTPMP is a high-efficient chelating scale inhibitor, it has good effect to carbonate and sulfate scale.
BHMTPMP has good water soluble properties and heat tolerance.
BHMTPMP has high calcium ion tolerance in a wide pH ranges and temperature as high as 120

AppearanceDark amber liquid
Active content %43.0-48.0
Chloride (Cl-)%6.0 max
Fe, mg/L35.0 max
Density(g/cm31.20 min
pH(1%water solution)2.0 max


BHMTPMP is a kind of Water Treatment.  YingLong group is a Leading Chemical Supplier/Manufacturer of Water Treatment for 10 years.

We supply high quality Water Treatment (HEDP/Sodium Chlorite/TCCA/ATMP/PBTC/PAC/EDTMPA, etc) in best price. 

Find Quality Water Treatment BHMTPMP from Verified Supplier.

BHMTPMP can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor for oilfield water, industrial circulating cool water and boiler.


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