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Good price 98%, 99% Ferrocene powder Cas 102-54-5

Product details

Chemical Name : Ferrocene
CAS: 102-54-5
Density: 1.490g/cm3
Molecular formula: C10H10Fe
Purity: 99%min


Ferrocene is insoluble in water, 10% sodium hydroxide and hot concentrated hydrochloric acid.

In the boiling solution of these solvents, ferrocene is neither dissolved nor decomposed.

Stability Ferrocene has a smell similar to camphor and is stable in air. It has a strong property of UV absorbing and has great thermostability which can withstand the heating at a temperature as high as 470 ℃.

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1. Fuel catalyst for rocket
Used as fuel catalyst for rocket (aeroplane) propellant, it can improve combustion speed
by 1-4 times, lower the temperature of exhaust pipes, and avoid infrared chase. It can be
used as gasoline antiknock (in place of tetrasthyl lead) to produce leadless gasoline.

2. Diesel oil
Used in fuel oils such as diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil ect, It can eliminate smoke, save energy
and reduce air pollution. Adding 0.1% Ferrocene to diesel oil can cut down the consumption of
oil by 10--14%, eliminate smoke by 30--70%, and improve power by more than 10%.

3. Scale integrated circuit board
It can be used for making large scale integrated circuit board, enhancing light sensitivity by
four times, improving accuracy, simplifying technical process, and eliminating pollution.

Packing & Storage

25kg/bag or 25kg/carton drum or as customers request
Storage in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation, avoiding under hot sunshine.Shelf life of two years.

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