YingLong—Eco-Friendly Factory Price cr244 And cr 232 Polychloroprene Synthetic Chloroprene Rubber For Vulcanizing,Adhesive


Brand Name
milky white to faint yellow platy
Elongation at break
Ash content



ClassificationRubber And Plastic raw materials
Appearancemilky white to faint yellow platy
Elongation at break900%
Ash content1.3%
Volatile matter1.5%
Shelf life24 Months

Detailed description

1.Chloroprene rubber is high bond strength, it is obtained by mercaptan modified and Chloroprene monomer by emulsion polymerization with high rate of crystallization, for using a Nairit recipe and process technology.

2.CR122 neoprene rubber: rubber products such as transmission belts, conveyor belts, wires and cables, oil-resistant rubber sheets, oil-resistant rubber hoses, and sealing materials.

3.CR232 type chloroprene rubber: cable jacket, oil resistant hose, rubber seal, adhesive, etc.

4.CR2441 2442 type polychloroprene rubber: raw material for adhesive production, used for bonding metal, wood, rubber, leather and other materials.
5.CR321 322 type chloroprene rubber: cables, rubber sheets, ordinary and oil-resistant rubber hoses, oil-resistant rubber boots, air guides, rain cloths, tent cloths, conveyor belts, conveyor belts, rubber seals, agricultural capsule air cushions, lifeboats, etc.



2.Rubber seal


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