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Classification Rubber And Plastic raw materials
CAS No 120-78-5
EINECS No 204-424-9
MF C14H8N2S4
Purity 98%, 98%min
Shelf life 24 Months
Storage Cool Dry Place
Color Grary-white or light yellow
ClassificationRubber And Plastic raw materials
CAS No120-78-5
EINECS No204-424-9
Purity98%, 98%min
Shelf life24 Months
StorageCool Dry Place
ColorGrary-white or light yellow

Product Description

Specification of Vulcanization Accelerator DM/2,2'-Dithiobis(benzothiazole) 120-78-5
Product Name: Vulcanization Accelerator DM/2,2'-Dithiobis(benzothiazole); CAS NO.120-78-5
Usage:Used as a general accelerator for natural, synthetic and recycled rubber, mainly used in the manufacture of tyres, inner
tubes, tape, rubber shoes and general industrial products.
Storage: Stay away from high heat sources. The storage period of granular or powdered products is more than two years, and the
toxic substances shall be stored in accordance with the regulations. Pay attention to moisture proof.


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