YingLong—Sodium Chlorite 80% Powder/ 25% 31% Liquid 7758-19-2

  • CAS No.: 7758-19-2
  • Type.: Water Treatment
  • Appearance: White powder


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Sodium Chlorite is a kind of Water Treatment.  YingLong group is a Leading Chemical Supplier/Manufacturer of Water Treatment for 10 years.
We supply high quality Water Treatment (HEDP/Sodium Chlorite/TCCA/ATMP/PBTC/PAC, etc) in best price. 
Find Quality Water Treatment Sodium Chlorite from Verified Supplier.

(1) Sodium chlorite is a highly efficient bleach and oxidizer. Sodium chlorite is used for pulp and various fiber bleaching, such as cotton, linen, mulberry, reed, viscose fiber and so on.
(2) Sodium chlorite can also bleach sugar, flour, starch, ointment, wax and grease.

(3) Sodium chlorite used for leather hair removal, surface treatment of certain metals, drinking water purification and sewage treatment.

(4) Sodium chlorite can also be used to purify trace nitric oxide in coke oven gas.


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