YingLong—Water Treatment PBTCA/PBTC 37971-36-1

  • CAS No.: 37971-36-1
  • Type.: Water Treatment
  • Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid


AppearanceColorless to light yellow transparent liquidLight yellow transparent liquid
Active content (export sales)%≥5050.33
Phosphoric acid( as PO43-)%≤0.20.16
Phosphorous acid(as PO33-) %≤0.50.16
Fe ion ppm≤104.47
Color Hazen≤309.00


PBTCA/PBTC is a kind of Water Treatment.  YingLong group is a Leading Chemical Supplier/Manufacturer of Water Treatment for 10 years.
We supply high quality Water Treatment (HEDP/Sodium Chlorite/TCCA/ATMP/PBTC/PAC, etc) in best price. 
Find Quality Water Treatment PBTCA/PBTC from Verified Supplier.

(1) As high-efficient agent of scale and corrosion inhibitor, PBTCA/PBTC is one of the widespread used and good performing products.
(2) PBTCA/PBTC is the excellent stabilizer for zinc salt. PBTCA/PBTC is widely used in circulating cool water system and oilfield refill water system as scale and corrosion inhibitor, suitable to composite with zinc salt and copolymer.
(3) PBTCA/PBTC can be used in situations of high temperature, high hardness, high alkali and high concentration index.
(4) In lavation fields, PBTCA/PBTC is used as chelating agent and metal detergent.


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