YingLong—PAM Nonionic Polyacrylamide Powder

Product Name
Anionic PAM Polyacrylamide
Test Result
Glassy solid
Molecular Weight
15 milion
Linear polymer
Solid content
Degree of hydrolysis
PH Value
Water insoluble matter
Dissolution time
Residual monomer

Polyacrylamide, abbr. PAM, is a kind of water soluble polymer, has unique effect to increase the viscosity of water or to promotethe flocculation of particles present in water, it can also reduce the frictional resistance between the liquid.

According to the different ion characteristics, PAM has three types: Anionic PAM, Cationic PAM and Nonionic PAM.
It is widely used in many fileds like Water Treatment, Oil Exploration, Sludge Dewatering, Paper Making, Textile, Sugar Making,Coal washing and Incense Making, etc.

Keywords: PAM, Polyacrylamide, Anionic PAM, Cationic PAM, Nonionic PAM, Flocculant, Acrylamide resin, Acrylamide gel solution,Coagulant, APAM, CPAM, NPAM.


Water Treatment
High performance, adapt to a variety of conditions, small dosage, less generated sludge, easy for post-processing.Oil Exploration
Polyacrylamide is widely used in oil exploration, profile control, plugging agent, drilling fluids, fracturing fluids additives.

Paper Industry
Save raw material, improve dry and wet strength, Increase stability of pulp, also used for treatment of wastewater of paper industry.

Textile Industry
As a textile coating slurry sizing to reduce the loom short head and shedding, enhance the antistatic properties of textiles.

Suger Making
To accelerate the sedimentation of Cane sugar juice and sugar to clarify.

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