YingLong—Factory Supply Skin Care 99% Beta Arbutin Powder Cas:497-76-7

Product Name
Beta Arbutin Powder
Brand Name
Xi’an Haibo
Place of Origin
Xi’an, Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Synthetic Nature Extract
High concentrated extract powder
Mix Ratio
Over 800 different extract for your reference
Promote calcium absorption,Eliminate wind and dampness


1. Whitening*
Undecyl phenylalanine (More White UP) has good skin-friendly properties and can control the binding of α-MSH (melanocyte
stimulating H) to melanin production factor, thereby blocking the formation of melanin.
2. Moisturizing*
Blocking α-MSH can be achieved at a concentration of 0.001%, with an optimal use concentration of 1%.
Comprehensive of melanin production from multiple links, the effect is more obvious and lasting.



Q:Are you a factory or trading company ?
A:We are a factory specializing in manufacturing, R&D, and have our own foreign trade rights and production.

Q:Could you please send me your best price?
A:Yes, we cherish every cooperative customer and work hard to facilitate transactions.
And before quoting,please kindly consult us and provide:
1)What's products do you need?.
2)Using for yourself?Or for resale?.
So that we can recommend the most corresponding machine.

Q:When is your delivery time ?
A:Stock:7-15 working days after 30%-50% deposit received.

Q:When is your payment term ?
A:Payment shall be 30%-50% deposit by T/T,balance 50%-70% paid by T/T,D/P after inspection but before shipment.

After-sales Service

Pre-Sales/Post-Sales Service Process

Customer consultation——Demand docking ——Product information and quotation—— Order processing and payment plan——Product testing and international logistics——Feedback tracking——After-sales service

Professional Financial Services

  • Flexible orders for the annual and semi-annual
  • Support global mainstream payment methods
  • Provide supply chain financial services
  • Customized international foreign exchange program

Technical Support Services

  • Product quality testing
  • Application development
  • Innovative technology Sharing
  • Expert advisory services

Efficient And Fast Warehousing/Logistics System

  • Global Shipment
  • Short Lead Time
  • USA/BELGIUM/ CHINA Warehouse Support



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Shanghai Ying Long Chemical Co., LTD is a leading company in China in the innovation, marketing and distribution of food additives, surfactants, cosmetic additives, catalysts and organic intermediates, etc.

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