YingLong—Plasticizer Diacetyl Epoxidized Vegetable-oleic Acid Glyceride HM-828 Used For PLA/PBAT

Classification Plasticizer
Moisture (Weight)/%≤ 0.2
Flash point /℃≥ 230
Iodine value/% ≤ 5
Purity 99 %
Usage Plastic Auxiliary Agents, For PLA/PBAT biodegradable
Shelf life 1Years
Moisture (Weight)/%≤0.2
Flash point /℃≥230
Iodine value/% ≤5
Purity99 %
UsagePlastic Auxiliary Agents, For PLA/PBAT biodegradable 
Shelf life1Years


Diacetyl epoxidized vegetable-oleic acid glyceride (HM-828) is with vegetable oil as raw material, followed by ester exchange, high temperature esterification, acetylation and epoxidation step to synthesize a kind of universal environmental protection plasticizer, which is used as main plasticizer.


Good compatibility with PVC resin, low viscosity, good plasticizing performance, good flexibility of end products, smaller thermal ageing quality loss of end products, excellent performances in migration and extraction resistance.


It is used for not only biodegradable plastics such as PLA/PBAT, but also leather, film, paint and ink industry etc


Remarks: Freezing point is 5~10℃. If it’s frozen, heat it to 25℃and it can return to normal condition without affecting quality.

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