YingLong—Trimethyl-1-3-Pentanediol Diisobutyrate Txib CAS 6846-50-0

Classification Plasticizer
EINECS No 229-934-9
CAS No 6846-50-0
Molecular Formula C16H30O4
Purity 99 %min
Usage Plastic Auxiliary Agents
Appearance colourless liquid
EINECS No229-934-9
CAS No6846-50-0
Molecular FormulaC16H30O4
Purity99 %min
UsagePlastic Auxiliary Agents
Appearancecolourless liquid


Cetyl alcohol ester is a kind of environmental protection, high efficiency, non-toxic new special plasticizer and viscosity reducer without benzene ring, alias 2,2, 4-trimethyl-1, 3-pentanediol diisobutyrate ester, widely used in various PVC paste resin products, including PVC gloves, toys, floor leather, artificial leather and so on. Cetyl alcohol ester can be used as a special plasticizer in the application to provide better anti-fouling effect, as well as a more dry and beautiful surface layer, and increase the surface wear resistance, improve foam resilience, so that the surface of the product is not easy to scratch.

Can also be mixed with other plasticizers, as an auxiliary plasticizer to enhance the strength of the product, but also as a viscosity reducer to reduce the viscosity of the solution, while increasing the stability of the viscosity of the solution, to maintain the smooth and beautiful appearance of the finished product.


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