According to the specific arrangement of the national holiday time of Qingming in 2023, the company informs the following about the holiday time and precautions of Qingming:

1.2023 Qingming holiday time is: 2023 4.5th of one day. The sales department and after-sales department will be available for telephone service during the holiday.

2.All staff and leaders must keep their mobile phones on 24 hours during the Qhing Ming holiday to ensure smooth contact;


In addition to the traditional visit to the hometown

Many people also choose to go on a spring trip

But the epidemic is spreading at many points

The string of epidemic prevention should not be loosened

Yinglong especially recommends

Continue to carry a mask with you

Wear masks scientifically

Wash your hands and ventilate regularly

Eat smart and keep to the "one metre line"

Stagger your graves and avoid piling up